Gay parody porn for free ?

There’s a friend of mine who really enjoys getting all sorts of gay parody porn for free. He really doesn’t understand why you should have to pay for it when there’s so much of it available to simply look at whenever you want to – and I agree with that. He actually asked me the other day if I wanted to check out some gay porn with him. I agreed to do so. This really is one hot guy and we’ve been best friends for the past couple of years now; however, he’s never once asked me to watch porn with him.

Before heading out, I made sure I had everything that I thought I would need, including condoms and lube. I also took a long shower, and even though my cock got hard, I managed to keep myself from stroking it. I did, however, make sure that I was scrubbed in all of the right places and that my teeth were brushed before I headed out down the road. I had to put my bag in front of my pants in order to hide the obvious bulge that I had going on, which really helped me out quite a bit.

After arriving to my best friend’s house, we each had a beer before he hopped onto his computer and typed in “gay parody porn free” into the search engine he had pulled up. I could feel the electricity in the room, and I had to try to keep myself from looking between his legs; however, when I did, I could very easily tell that my friend was just as excited as I was.

We watched a few different hardcore movies on his computer. Some of them featured twinks, while some featured men who were more athletic. There were even some that featured orgies that were extremely wild! I could hear my friend moaning with pleasure, and when I turned to look at him, I saw that he was rubbing his hard cock right through his pants. Right then and there, I immediately decided to unzip his pants and take them off, taking his eight and a half inch dick all the way in my mouth as he continued to watch his computer screen. I then decided to gently squeeze his balls and continue sucking his cock when I heard him moaning even more.

While he continued moaning, I also heard the exact same noises coming from his computer screen. This made me stand up and take all of my clothes off before getting on my hands and knees on his bed and telling him to screw me. As he banged me from behind, we continued watching the movie that was playing until we both shot our loads everywhere.

Afterwards, we showered together then got back onto his bed. From there, he again typed “gay free porn” into his search engine. By the time the day ended, all of my condoms – and my asshole – had been used up.

The main point of this parody for gay men story is to let you know that it’s always better to watch porn with someone else than to watch it alone, especially since you never know what’s going to happen!…