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tarzan gay porn
This Tarzan Gay Porn video begins with a sunset over the ocean as we then hear the sound of drums. Water then begins flowing down a waterfall, and we then see a beautiful forest full of trees, as well as different animals to really give you a feel of where you are.

We then hear a mayday call saying that there’s been an accident and that help is needed. Tarzan, portrayed by famous gay porn star Diego Sans, is seen moving quickly through the jungle wearing only a loin cloth. He sees three men (Grey, Adams, Tobias), then pulls them to safety, leaving them among the trees, but away from any harm.

The men wonder exactly what’s happened as the homosexual Tarzan watches from a safe distance away. Tobias leaves to find out what’s happened to their boat and to try to find out exactly where they are, leaving Colton and Luke alone – or so they think.

As Tobias continues walking, he suddenly gets the feeling that he’s being watched. He then hears the leaves rusting in the trees, then sees a strange figure darting in the shadows. Suddenly, Tobias is shocked when Tarzan jumps down upon him like a hungry, sexy beast.

The scene then goes back to Colton and Luke, where Colton has apologized for even getting the three of them into the boat in the first place. He then kisses Luke as the two men stare into each other’s eyes. They start kissing again, and as they do, their bodies grind each other. The shirts then come off and Luke goes right to work on Colton’s nipples. He moans and goes right to his knees while Luke’s pants fall, exposing his seven-inch hard cock. He opens his mouth and Luke grabs him by the back of his head, forcing his cock into his mouth repeatedly. Luke moans constantly as Colton also gently squeezes his balls. Luke also bends over to slap his ass a few times, and even finger his hole, as his cock continues to get serviced.

Luke then bends over to expose his hole, which Colton welcomes by probing his hot, wet tongue deep into it. Luke cries out with pleasure as Colton’s beard scrapes over his hole while he works it. Afterward, he gets to his knees and plunges his hard cock into Luke’s ass, working his hole fast and hard. Both men moan with pleasure, especially Luke, as he feels Colton’s hard cock go deep in his ass.

Luke is then leaned up against a tree and begins licking his balls before sucking his cock again. Before you know it, Tarzan then put his hard gay cock in his ass, and he gets it just as hard and fast as Luke did! Luke then lays in the dirt while Colton rides his cock, and before long, Luke gets covered in his huge load! Luke then stands up and jerks his load right onto Colton’s face and beard.

The two men then stand up and kiss, but then start to hear rustling in the bushes. They wonder if it’s Tobias coming back – but aren’t sure and are obviously worried…

The Tarzan Gay Parody Stars

Colton Grey is a beautiful young gay man with an even more beautiful and smooth tattooed body. He stands 5’6″, has blue eyes, and brown hair. Sexually, he’s a versatile bottom who packs an eight and a half-inch thick cock. He’s starred in a total of 13 movies, with his last one being Release.

Luke Adams has an extremely beautiful schoolboy face and can get himself into positions that most of us have only dreamed about! He stands 5’7″, has green eyes, and brown hair. Sexually, he’s a versatile bottom who has a permanently hard seven-inch cock. He has starred in a total of 38 hardcore movies, most notably as Luke Skywalker in Men’s Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody series, where you’ll find him getting drilled by a lot of guys, including some very horny Stromtroopers!…

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